Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Looks like we have one.

Idiopathic Anaphylaxis.
(The above web site is for general informational purposes.)

So now y'all can say you have an "idiopathic" pal.

Not real sure how I feel about all of this other than this makes TOTAL sense to me.
Not real encouraged, but at least I can say to the next medical professional GOOGLE IT! and there will be answers for them. Yep. Its rare. Yep. Its miserable. Nope, no cure. Hope of remission. Meds available for treatment.

And it looks like I get to make my very own medicalert bracelet to wear a special tag ID'ing WTF is going on. Yay.

Could be worse- we could still be wondering WTF is going on, right?

Daily meds include Allegra, Pepcid and pred.
Emergency meds are Epi-pen and Benedryl and a really fast trip to the Emergency Room.

I figure it went into remission for a while, so maybe it will again.

Guess we shall see.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Yet Another Non-Horsey Post

Well, non-horsey other than they are here, alive, FAT, happy and wondering just what the hell I am DOING that is keeping me away from THEM. Cause, you know, They Are The Ponies Who Deserve All Attention.

So. Work project. Pretty big project. Pretty *Important* Project. Here I was, feeling all proud of myself, thinking I had this all wrapped up and in the BAG, Baby... and BOOM. I learned today (this afternoon) that Nooooooo...... I need to provide a video or power point presentation for the employee meeting to be held Thursday night. Y'all................ learn from my screw up here please, and don't forget to COMPLETELY engage your internal filters because when you open mouth and out falls, "Oh. F*CK." One of two things will happen.
1- You no longer will have to worry about whipping up a power point presentation OR digging up the video because you will no longer be employed
2- Your boss, like mine today Thank GOD, will play it off and accept your many apologies.

Yep. By the time I found this information out today, (and honestly, it was probably already OUT there, but *I* missed it somehow along the way,) my internal filters had flown the coop. Like, somewhere out over .. oh, I dunno.. maybe Italy or some such. (Translation: the suckers were Very.Far.Away.)

So that was the END of my day today. The START of my day today was pure mystery.

It would seem that The Asylum has a gremlin. Or a borrower. Or *some-dang-thing*.

I went to get dressed today to run errands. Noticed... well, umm.. there are some rather NEEDED clothing items that are AWOL. Gone with out a trace.

I didn't spend a whole lot of time looking for these items, because time was tight and I had to roll- errands to run, make it back home, change and get ready for work, and head out. I checked again as I was changing for work. Nope- no joy.

Now, here's the thing. *I* do the wash. All laundry duties rest squarely on my shoulders. Washing, drying, folding, distributing to proper places---- I do that part. So, it would only seem logical that I'd know at least an approximate location of all parts and pieces of the laundry, right? Right. That's what I said.

Guess again, cause three of my boulder holders and too many underbritches have gone AWOL. (I know I know, probably TMI for gentle men-folk like Beel and all... sorry Beel.) But dude-- really? DAFUQ? Where the hell are my under garments???

I've asked the Locusts. They have no clue. (Like that would help me-- if it isn't EDIBLE, they don't know the location of anything including their heads most days.) (And HEY- you perv, stop RIGHT there-- there are NO edible underbritches at The Asylum. No no no.)

I've asked my Range Nazi husband, and he is clueless too.

I've even asked the dawgs and the DAT. All of them looked at me like I was off my rocker. (Jo wasn't saying anything anyways, because SHE is still of the opinion that I need to be HOME, with her, and not helping earn money to feed her old butt.)

Y'all.... I am so confused.

Someone ride for me. Seriously. Until I can get this Big Project wrapped, my brain is going to be pretty much occupied and on vacation. If any more of these "amusing" (yes- sarcasm!) stories pop up, I'll be sure to update here for your entertainment.

Happy Trails- and if you're in the path of this next stupid storm, y'all stay safe out there.
~ MM

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Animals Doth Protest

Yes. They do. In various ways.

Jo the Wonder Nanny Dawg has been *glued* to me. Merp won't let me breathe because she is RIGHT. THERE. in my space.

And DAT.

Oooooooohhh the lovely little DAT.

Yes, we all know she is a bit of umm.. welllll.. shall we say... DAT is a bit "special" at times. And I ought to know better than to antagonize her when she has her Crazy DAT Eyes rolling around.
Now to be honest here, I did NOT think that standing behind the kitchen chair, sneaking in long strokes down her silky soft back was truly antagonizing.


DAT did.

She was playing BOOP- a game that we play often. She perches on the kitchen chair, and reaches out to "get" us through the slats on the back. Normally this is a hilarious way to pass time. Tonight, we changed it up a little and I was merely talking to her as she showed me how well she could reach and and tear me apart (with no claws- she has claws, she just doesn't like to use them.)

I made the mistake of sneaking in a long stroke down her back- which put me (in a boulder holder free state,) *quite* close to the Danger Zone.

DAT turned her bright, KAAAARAAAZEEEEEE Eyes on me, locked onto her target......


Not like a Porch Cat, "I am going to make you BLEEEEEEEED and DIE!!!!!!" kind of bite--- oh no. This was a gentle, just enough to let me know she *could* make me bleed and die love bite.

I was laughing too hard to "be the alpha" and take control of the situation.

And now I am going to take my DAT "chew toy" and go to bed. It has been a long, strange week, and I am worried that if I try to stay up any longer, things will only continue to get STRANGER.

Happy Weekend Y'all- and Happy Trails! And ladies, keep your bewbages AWAY from Crazy Eyed Cats and DATS!

~ MM

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

No News Is Good News

Short post, real quick.

* All is well systemically. Tired (understatement- just realized we are now beyond exhaustipation), but slowly getting back to "normal" (at least "normal" for me.)

* Work is awesome. Love it.

* Dogs are pissed. Old Jo the Wonder Nanny Dawg is aging and she does not handle changes to her daily routine very well. (Not like her routine is intense. She gets up from her bed in our room when I do. She goes out to tend horses with me. She comes in, hangs out, and heads to the couch to wait for breakfast. She eats, back to the couch, and through the day she'll wander around with me as I go in and out. Then, dinner, and bed time. What upsets her is not having me HERE. So far today she has been velcro'd to me. Poor old girl.)

* Horses are confused. We went from playing lots and having fun tooooo.... nothing. Phat Boy is not impressed. They are also shedding. Weather looks weird, so... not time to pack their jammies up yet.

* Kids are having a blast- the novelty of hanging with their home school pals has not worn off yet. Which is great, because I don't have to worry about them while I am working.

* There has been a tornado in my brain that utterly, completely destroyed my level of calm inside my head. But today feels better, and like there is a chance that I can start sorting through the disaster left in the wake of the destruction.

That about sums stuff up on this end. I am working from home today, in an attempt to get stuff straight here. (Who knew that four days of me trying to get my head straight would result in such a freaking DISASTER in the house too. Yikes.) To be totally honest though, a NAP is sounding pretty damn tempting.

Once again, from the Land of Never A Dull Moment- y'all keep your ponies in the middle and stay straight up thar!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 2 Post Incident

Well, I'm still upright.
Still on the proper side of the dirt. At least in my opinion, the proper side of the dirt- which is up top and not UNDER it.

I'm having a tough time getting back to what is "normal" for me this time. If I remember correctly, about 24 hours post incident in the past and things were pretty much back to normal. No problems, other than being left wondering "Will this shit happen again?" (By the way-- bit of info from the allergist. What is happening is a massive histamine "dump" in my system. Once we have this massive discharge- which results in severe sickness and an ER trip- it takes 21 days for the histamines to build back up. Which means we have 3 weeks to get my meds straight and on point so that this does NOT happen again.) Right- back on track here.

Four this morning and I woke up. WIDE awake. We aren't talking hazy half awake, roll over get comfy and zonk back out. Oh no. We're talking WIDE awake, shaking like a leaf in a wind storm. Oooohhh yeah baby lemme tell ya THAT'S a lot of fun. (Yes- that is a hefty dose of my favorite *sarcasm*.) The shaking has persisted all day. I got the splitting headache from yesterday under control until about 3 this afternoon- at which point it came *roaring* back with a vengeance. Took some Excedrin which worked to banish the headache beast again but the extra boost of caffeine did NOTHING to help the shakes.

This week promises to be pretty crazy. I'm doing my best to *not* get overwhelmed - it's nothing we can't handle and I am pretty much convinced that most of the almost anxiety is from the medications. It's also warmed up considerably here, so with any luck I'll be able to slip in some pony therapy time. Even if it's just five minutes at a time, well.. y'all know how that feels. There is nothing- and I do mean NOTHING- in the world that can help find the "calm" inside than perching on a good horse. It seems Mommy's Little Dump Truck might get pressed into service to help me soothe my inner rattled beast. Good ol' Phat Boy. My Mobile Red Couch is better than any therapists couch, that's for sure!

I am off to scrounge in the kitchen. Went from not being hungry, to making myself eat, to now being STARVING. Someone put pictures up of a chocolate pie of some sort with a heaping helping of ice cream on top, and I came too darn close to licking my computer screen. Pathetic huh?

Y'all have a good one. Happy Trails!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

So.... Fecal Material, Meet Oscillating Blades

I don't usually enjoy talking about personal stuff on here, and try to keep things related to horses, critters and light stories. It is, after all, supposed to be a HORSE blog.

However, yesterday, an incident happened with me that I feel needs talking about in some manner. Simply because it might help someone else, and who knows- it might get me some answers too. Since moving here to the Southland, I've developed some severe allergic issues. We've done the allergist route, which resulted in information, but we still do not know the trigger to these episodes. According to the allergist, I present atypically straight into Stage One Anaphalaxis. (Signs/ symptoms: intense abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, itching/ burning in ears, palms of hands, soles of feet, hives, cherry red skin, difficulty breathing, and PAIN. Scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, the abdominal pain is about a 15.)

In other words, when fecal material hits oscillating blades, I am well on my way to going into shock from an allergic reaction. A bad allergic reaction.

We know what my allergies ARE- and they are fairly few. I'm smart enough to stay the hell away from those issues (food wise, it's fish/ seafoods. Anything that lives in water, is bad bad bad for me.) But we do NOT know what triggers these full blown issues.

Frankly, I was beginning to feel like a freak. Doctors tend to be condescending at best, and it's usually a hella tough fight to get them to LISTEN to me. (We lucked out yesterday though and got a good Doc, and an *excellent*, attentive nurse.) There was also a flight medic working the floor in the ER yesterday, who couldn't help but over hear the goings on. When things settled down some, he made time to come and chat with me too- and no, I no longer feel like a freak show. He said he too has had serious issues like this, and the doctors on his case are also puzzled and clueless as to what the trigger is. Knowing I'm not alone in this helps.

I'm OK today- or at least as OK as a wrung out old body can be after an incident like that. Have a massive headache (that I've already talked with a Doctor about- even though she is states away, I put in a call to my Dr. sister and gathered more info there too.)

So, I imagine you're sitting there... wondering, "What the hell happened?" Sadly, me too. Rough timeline of the day was:
- Got up at usual time. Felt kinda.. off. Not BAD per say, just.. off. Crabby. Shrugged it off and drove on.
- Got outside work done, and called into work early. (Yes- part time at the range for a short while to help with a big project there.)
- Got to work, had meetings, all fine. Still.. NQR but nothing bad.
- Had lunch with the crew (no one else got sick. This was NOT food related IMO.)
- Started working on my part of the project- noted stomach pains, mentioned to FF/ EMT co- worker. He looked at me pretty close, said, keep an eye on it- if you need me let me know.
- He went back up front to work the floor, I stayed in my cubby working on paperwork.
- Noted an emergency run to the potty was in order PDFQ.
- Almost passed out in potty. Crawled out, got help. Scared everyone at work. Ambulance ride to ER. Rest is history.

The last time I had a reaction this bad was like five years ago. All has been quiet since then and we figured we had everything managed with Claritin doses every morning. My Dr. Sister suggested a med change, which we'll implement this week. I'll be calling around to try and find another allergist to start this process over again, but honestly? I don't hold out much faith that we'll find an answer. I did get new Epi-pen scripts yesterday, so those can be refilled.

Guess I'll just cowgirl up and drive on. I'm not one to get back to the porch and hide, so... rest today and take it from there.

Meantime, y'all have a good weekend.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My North Country Friends Will Laugh

 The Big Storm of January 2014 resulted in.. well, chaos in north GA but here in the low country... not much. Other than bitter cold, ice, misery, a crabby septic tank, freezing rain and general misery. No snow to speak of. Jo the Wonder Nanny Dawg had to be very careful making her way down the ramp to go out this morning, and let me tell you- she was *N-O-T* impressed one teeny tiny bit. No Sirrrreeee.  Every time we had to go out today, she looked at me like I was on something (something not overly legal at that,) and she'd complain and grumble. She has spent the bulk of the day on the couch, grumbling. Poor old girl.
 I am done. I'm sick of the cold, sick of the frozen rain dripping from the skies, sick of the creaking and crackling noises of ice coated trees. Yes, I am whining. I am complaining. I am more than ready to have my Tundra Country credentials revoked in favor of shorts, barefoot in the grass, and being hot. I. Am. Done.
 I've been watching the ice in the big oak tree over our porch. I had hoped that it would warm up enough today to melt that off but as of this writing, 4pm, it is still stubbornly clinging to the tree. *Le Sigh*

 The ice dripping off the car port was just depressing. Looking through it, to the heavy sky beyond, even more so. Yep. I am just sick of being cold, sick of being sick, sick of being exhaustipated, sick of the hysteria and pathetic "THE SKY IS FALLING!!" freaking out over this bit of weather. I'd feel sorry for the poor souls who stocked up on beer the other day, in hopes of getting to write their names in the snow, but I'd guess if they drink enough of the beer, they won't be in a state to care much about that!

My northern blood is saying that sky above? THAT is a snow sky. The radar says nope- no more precipitation for us. Which honestly is fine by me- even though I know the Locust Brothers would love to see actual SNOW.... I'll pass. (See above for why.)

Time to go into temporary hibernation for me. I'll holler atchy'all when it thaws a bit here, cause.. well.. see above.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014



For the past several days, we've been hearing dire predictions and warnings about this "massive storm system" that *might* bring snow and ice to the Southland.

Panic abounds.
Schools are closed for today (28 Jan), tomorrow, AND some until Thursday. Gotta be careful ya know.
People are freaking out and buying like crazy- one friend reported empty shelves in his local store (no milk, no bread, no eggs, no TP... what the hell people? Y'all get a craving for french toast or something? Sheesh.)

Granted, if it ices we'll probably not have power for a bit. But we aren't going to freeze to death for days on end BECASUUUUUSSSSEEEEEEEE----- by Thursday, temps will be pushing 60* again, and will probably be up around 70* by the weekend. Wednesday is going to be the only day where it is going to be dicey. I get a kick out of the panic buying for *one* potential day of *GASP* a whole possible INCH of snow. They'll be SNOWED IN! Because of an INCH of snow. (Of course, the way these folks tend to drive down here, if they feel the need to be snowed in more power to them. Let them stay put- easier on our first responders and clearer roads.)

I had a cake craving yesterday and went to the local Wally World to get supplies. It was around 10:30 in the morning, and there was panic buying going on then too. Now, there were vast quantities of milk, eggs, bread, tp etc on the shelves. What were the panic buyers targeting?


Yep. Kid you not. There were little old ladies, shuffling along, pushing around carts heavily loaded with cases of beer. It looked like Budweiser was THE buy of the day for the geriatric set. My husband has a theory on the beer buying- he reminded me that we ARE in the South. Snow is a very very rare event indeed. His theory is, that for one- if you drink enough beer you won't be hungry so no need for the french toast fixings, two- if you aren't eating, you won't poop, so won't need the TP, and three.... given the rarity of snow in the Southland, these folks are going to load up on fluids (cause we all know you have to pee LOTS when you drink beer-- because it does not have to stop to change color along the way) and they will do their best to...


You heard it from my husband y'all.

Forgive him- he has the flu. (Which has made the rounds. We're closing week two of this shit. I am good some days, not so good the others- Cub is gaining strongly, little Wrecker is just starting with it, and my husband... weeellll.. we're just going to say that he is now physically sick too.) The horses are feeling neglected, since I have just not been strong enough to mess with them. I am looking forward to getting back to messing with them again- Tater is getting a wee bit big for his pretty britches at feeding time- a sure indicator he needs a reminder that Mom is Boss Mare. Phatz listens to Tater get in trouble and laughs. Soon... soon. I hope!

OK y'all, stay safe out there in the crazy weather. I know in places other than the Southland, this is a significant threat, so be smart and stay sharp.

Happy snow flurries!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

No Play Time Lately

It's been an interesting week, to say the least. Spent some time making sure that it was indeed *just* kidney stones with my dear husband in the local ER and apparently managed to pick up some nasty freaking cold bug. It was just kidney stones, and to the tremendous numbers of people who flocked in droves with what seemed like their *entire* families with them who just had the sniffles....... I hope you run out of Puffs Plus and your noses hurt like HELL. Morons. Next time go get cold meds from the pharmacy and suck it up like the rest of humanity does. 
 I did feel a teeny tiny bit better today, and was able to sit out in the sun for a moment after pulling blankets off of the horses. We had to take a second look at Phat Boy and make sure it was still Phat BOY and not a bred mare slipped in his place. My husband actually asked when my gelding was due to give birth.

Yeah. The Mobile Red Couch is wintering quite well I'd say.
Tater was playing peek-a-boo around the bale, going between watching me play with DAT and trying to see what the mares next door were doing. I kinda like this shot-- if I don't look real close and pretend a tiny bit, it almost looks like he has a wider chest! 
 This entire week has been one of exhaustipation. What is exhaustipation, you ask? Why this:
- When you are too tired to give a crap.
- When you are too tired to worry about routine things getting done.
- When you are too tired to give a rats ass about anything other than making it safely to your bed.
- When you are so tired, that being grateful you are still breathing almost makes you cry.

That was me by about Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were the same status, which was not good. Friday, the DAT began her velcro routine, which she always does when I am fighting with a cold or some such stress. Yesterday was a total loss, and today.. well, at least I finished making the homemade chicken soup (and ate some), I even took a shower. And pulled blankets (which I am about to head back out and put on again. Six minutes more of daylight and Phatz thinks it is Spring time and has begun shedding like crazy.) Poor feller would be LOST up in true winter weather I bet!

That's about all that is fit to print from this corner. Hope everyone is avoiding illnesses out there and getting in some quality pony time!
~mm (Oh. Sure. Stupid m key. Works just FINE and then Nope-- refuses to capitalize again. Sheesh.)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fun In The SUN

 We had a cold snap here earlier this week, where wind chills hovered at zero. As you can imagine, that is pretty dang traumatic for those of us lucky enough to live blissfully (or usually blissfully that is) in the sunny Southland. Above, you can see Jo the Wonder Nanny Dawg's solution to the cold. No kidding- on the couch, UNDER a blanket. For three hours. She said, "Oh HELL no you are SO not going to take this blankey off me. No no no no NO!!"


She is totally rotten.

Now onto the Tot report. We had freaking freezing ass weather, so no one was hanging outside longer than they had to. (Yep. I am wimpified now. Used to be, another lifetime ago, the cold would totally not bug and and we would have worked anyways. But these days? Yeeaahhhh.. no.) Then the cold went away and it rained. For two days.

TODAY though! Today was BEAUTIFUL. Tater was happy to get out and play, and I did my best to get some kind of pix of him. I was *hoping* for some decent shots so we could compare things in a month or so, but... it was, to say the least, a wee bit of a challenge. He has become a pocket pony. 
 So he is far from set up properly, but... well.. this should give me a general idea later on how much progress we have made in his overall condition. (BECG-- I could swear he has grown UP an inch or 2 since you saw him a couple years ago. Kinda weird, since I think he is pushing the 10 yr mark, but hey- stranger things have happened.)
 Now, y'all laugh when I say that Tater, sweet as he is, is so narrow when he turns towards me in deep fog I totally can not find him. And that he is so narrow it's like sitting on the skinny side of a 2 x 4. See this frontal shot? NOW do you see what I mean? Tater is NOT a "wide" horse by any means. No, he once again is not set up to really show the exact narrowness of his chest, but .. you get the idea.

Honestly, this does not really bother me. I've put a lotta lotta miles on horses just as narrow as Tate in the past, so while not ideal, he'll do.
Today's work for the Tot:
Saddled up and worked on transitions on the lunge line. He has a few weak areas- namely, a weaker stifle on his near side that makes him uncomfortable to do a lot of work to the left, but he is gaining a bit. Lots of walk, jog to strong trot to jog to walk transitions, big circles to small circles, and really getting him to flex and use his belly and hind end more have started to slowly help. His strong side (off side) he can now carry a sweet easy lope for several laps around. His transitions on this side are smoother (as to be expected) and his work ethic is.. well, outstanding. And boy has a WHOA on him. I even *think* whoa, exhale, and he is planting and waiting to see what is next.

I love a good whoa.
Today we also dragged out the kids, the dogs, the DAT and Phat Boy for a torture session as well. Phatz has been pouting and having tiny tantrums that HE has not been The Star of the Show, so today it was time for the mobile red couch to get some adorations too. Trouble is, he was pissy enough that he didn't get much "adorating" and he got more "Get your head on correctly!" The Cub learned he can indeed Cowboy Up some and get the job done- and Tater, Cub and I (along with both dogs and the DAT,) taught Cub how to lunge Phatz.

Holy cow did I get some eat shit and DIE looks from him. I suspect Tater was laughing at him too, which didn't exactly help the situation any.
(**Yes- Tater helped. Camping out on a horse is one of the best ways to get miles on them. In this case, I've had to think outside the box some. While Tate is ready to step on, I am still holding out until another adult who knows what a horse is can be here for the Just In Case person. So, Tate got to camp- but on the ground. He liked it. He liked it a WHOLE LOT. Have I mentioned how drastically and how much this horses mind has come around??) 
By the end of the play session, Phatz had come around, both boys got to ride, Tate got a good 2 1/2 hrs of play time/ camp time, the dogs are exhausted, and I have an incredibly happy heart.

Well, lather rinse repeat!

Happy Trails y'all! And I hope you dont get too bored with me yapping about Tater's progress endlessly here.

Keep your ponies in the middle!
~mm (with the still crabby "m" key.)