Monday, January 14, 2013

Heat Wave!

 It's been roasty-toasty here in the Southland, leaving us all in shorts with the house wide open to let in fresh air and breezes. Today hit 80*F. Yep -- not a typo-- EIGHTY. In January. In the above photo, you can see bird tracks on the shore. And the yellow stuff in the water? Freaking pine pollen. Yes. POLLEN. The entire lake was rimmed with it. Disgusting.

So, since I had two toasty kids who thought the lake would be just right to cool them down........

Off we went to see.
 There be the Locust Brothers, trying to see who was brave enough to head into deeper water first. Wrecker, in the shark shorts, is my action figure man. This is the child that climbs walls. (No kidding.. he can spider walk with the best of them.) My money was on him for being the one to jump right in and brave the chill.

 And .. I wasn't wrong! In he went. Squealing, laughing, giggling and shivering, he dove right in and embraced the chill. Then he turned around and taunted Cub until he cowboy'd up and eased his way in a bit more too.

 Cub was less than enthusiastic about getting in too far.

 And Wrecker had to hold him in place for a bit until Cub got used to the water. I think Wrecker's ultimate goal here was actually to get Cub dunked under the water, but I put a stop to that.

 Eventually, the could resist the lure no longer, and a round of dock-jumping ensued. Wrecker, of course, led the way.

 It wasn't long after and Cub jumped right in to the mix too. With a rebel yell, he threw himself off the edge...

 Couldn't resist this shot of the lake today too. It's just too pretty.

My Junior Polar Bear Club Members only were in the water for about ten minutes tops. (Now before you rib me about this NOT being the Polar Bear Club, please remember that we in the south do not get the ice and snow that the northern clubs do. The water was around 50* or so, plenty chilly enough for redneck southern kids.)

In Other News....

Well, there isn't much other news. Phat Boy and I have been plodding around a bit trying to get legged up some. During this evening's ride, I used my left leg to cue for some lateral work and wound up with a charlie horse in the back of my left thigh. I seriously think my mobile couch was laughing at me, but he half- heartedly did move off of my leg. It was worth it-- any ride is better than no ride!

Both the horses need trimming, and I just need to dust off the tools and get at it. One good thing about the warmer weather-- Tater is lazy and should be easier to trim. (He needs a lot of reminders about proper manners for trimming. Warm weather ought to make him sleepy, making him less likely to tap dance on my head I hope.)

We got about 10 minutes of extra daylight, and Phat Boy is shedding. So is Jo the Wonder Nanny Dog. I'm ankle deep in dog hair if we don't vacuum frequently. Course, if she keeps going back to the lake, Jo is liable to get a summer haircut and have to wear the shirt of shame again.

That's about all for now. Not much exciting going on. Biggest highlight, aside from riding, is getting ready to plant peas and radishes. According to the Farmers Almanac, we'll be able to plant those very soon. YAY! I can't wait-- fresh veggies are going to be wonderful. Can't WAIT for mater season!!!

Meantime, y'all keep your ponies in the middle!!
Happy Hoofin


Ian Holland said...

50 Degrees! that's warm enough to boil potatoes We have about 3 feet of ice on the lakes now, and believe me, not a hint of pollen anywhere.

Mrs Mom said...

I remember your weather all too well, Ian! My brother, sends me pictures of all the "fun" in the lake effect snow to make sure I don't forget.

I send him pictures of the lake, and our family in shorts for Christmas.

For some reason, he says *I* am the Evil Child... I figure I'm the smart one getting out of the NY snow and cold! LOL

Mikey said...

That's absolutely insane for this time of year. I can't believe it's that warm!!

fernvalley01 said...

80?? just wow, if you tried to jump in the lake here there would be no splash just a thud!

Shirley said...

I heard 2012 was the warmest year on record- maybe that record will be broken this year?
Looks like Wrecker walks on water....
enjoyed seeing them having fun in the lake.
My horses are starting to shed too. Kind of early for here!

C-ingspots said...

I am just astounded at the difference in our weather patterns! 80 in January!? That's just about perfect in my book. But is that an indicator of a hotter than usual summer?? We've been in a cold snap for a week or more. Mud is frozen, no rain, some sunshine, but mostly frozen fog and grey skies. I'm a happy gal, no mud always makes me happy! :)
I had to laugh...tomatoes? Really?? Ours get ripe at the end of Aug or early September. Seriously. That sucks.
Where are you exactly? I might have to take a winter vaca to the South. :)
Happy New Year!!!!

Momma Fargo said...

Rub it in. Rub it in! Glad you had some nice weather. We did too only for a short while but nothing that fantastic!

Jackie said...

Goodness! It's been a while since I've stopped by and your boys have gotten HUGE. Reminder that this is my not-so-distant future.

In other fun news, Ace's new trimmer is FANTASTIC. He's fixing some shape and balance issues, and it's like I have a whole new horse.

Laura said...

80F? that would be awesome right now. It's -14F here today. Yuck! You were (and stil are!) really smart to move south! This northern weather is for the birds. (well, the dumb birds that don't go

I love the pics of the kids in the lake - good thing you have the date on them so you can remember that they were actually swimming in January!

I can't believe you can plant seeds soon. We can't really plant much outside until the end of May!!!

Rachel said...

Holy Moly... I can't even imagine that kind of heat over here right now!

I LOVE those pics of the boys having fun. Totally made my day.

And I giggled at the charliehorse... sorry. My horse REQUIRES leg cues, so I get plenty of workout.

Well... she'll neckrein and respond to verbal cues, but golly, you can practically SEE her rolling her eyes and sighing if you get "lazy" enough to let your legs hang. Brat.

Vaquerogirl said...

Warm weather sounds wonderful! It has been way cold here in the Bay Area!
Today it actually was about 65 and that was enough to draw me outside to garden and clean up the trucks.

Those boys are seriously cute!